Nudura Patents

Patented Duralok™ Technology

NUDURA's Patented Locking Mechanism locks forms together, eliminating float and compression and the need to secure forms with tape or wire, making the building process faster and more efficient. The NUDURA patented Fastening Strip securely locks forms into place with a reversible triple tooth interlock. The DURALOK Technology™ has embedded web/fastening strips that run the full 45cm height of each and every 40cm at each web, ensuring the ICF forms do not compress during concrete placement and provide an industry leading continuous fastening strip for finishing materials capable of supporting up to 330kg.

Patented Durafold™ Technology

NUDURA's Patented Innovative Hinged Webs allow forms to be shipped flat, reducing shipping by up to 40%, and allow for easy handling and on-site storage. The folding form also eliminates costly assembly time onsite – just unfold and it's ready to stack. Even more, Nudura's interlocking strip and clip accessories makes installations fast by eliminating the need to secure forms with tape or wire like having to do with other Insulated Concrete Systems.

Patented Duramax™ Technology

NUDURA Standard Forms are the largest standard Insulated Concrete Form in the industry measuring 96" x 18" (2438 x 457 mm) allowing the placement of 12 square feet (1.12sqm) of wall area in one building step. Building with DURAMAX Technology™ results in faster installation times, less waste and a reduced amount of seams.

Patented 4-way Reversible™ System

The patented foam interlock allows the form to be 4 way reversible, so it can be placed in any orientation. There is no more up or down, left or right corner. This gives the forms much more versatility, results in near zero waste, and a fast build.