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ICF Concept

A modern approach for rapid construction with double insulated concrete forms for low-energy and passive buildings.


ICF Advantages

Double thermal, noise and moisture insulation, system of formwork, level of completion, quality and speed, energy-efficient construction.


Passive House

What is a low-energy and passive building, or how to get comfortable living at no cost.


Straight Form

The largest insulated concrete form on the market, foldable and easily portable. more

90° Corner Form

Fully mirrored 90° corner forms, less losses with no left or right corner. more

45° Corner Form

Fully mirrored 45° corner forms for even more freedom for architecture ideas. more


The first ICF T-form on the market was designed and produced by Nudura. more

Radius Form

Rapid construction with double insulation with no architecture restrictions. more

Series ONE

Extremely suitable for the construction of elevator cells or staircase cells. more

Series PLUS

Series PLUS adds inserts or increases the insulation of the Standard Nudura series. more

Floor Panel

Resistant to impact and moisture, with grooves for Radiant Heat Insulation. more


locking vertical system against floating or blowing more


folding system for reduction of storage and transport costs more


the largest standard insulated concrete form on the market more

4-way Reversible™

mirror system for significant reduction of construction waste more

Double-insulated dug-out swimming pool with dimensions 6x3,2m with wedge bottom (depth 1-1.6m), built by the owner all by himself.


Veliko Turnovo

A house on Coll Island, where the Atlantic wind and the minute changing weather are a constant test for every insulation.


Coll Island

This two-storey house situated in the Powys area of Mid Wales is built alone by the owner.



A complex of rowhouses in Palma de Mallorca, built entirely with Nudura insulated concrete forms, significantly reducing the air-conditioning costs.


Palma de Mallorca

"For the weather conditions in the Alps and ready before the ski season," those were the terms of the owner of this well-insulated, Swiss-style, energy-efficient house.

Yet another house built with Nudura technology in France. Irregular windows and numerous corners are of no problem for Nudura system.



Winnipeg Residential Building, where all exterior walls, elevator shafts and underground parking are constructed with Nudura forms.



Technical college awarded first prize by Eco House in Muscat, Oman, for producing more energy than it consumes, making it a Net-Zero Energy Building.



Amazing spacious hacienda in Costa Rica, in a remote and highly seismic area that had reached a magnitude of 7.6 on Richter scale in 1999.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

A beach-front home built with energy-saving and resistant to the saltwater waves and hot humid climate.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

13 storey energy-efficient residential building in New Zealand, where ICF technology and insulation qualities are also considered to be the construction future.

New Zealand

New Zealand